Understanding Physical Therapy

Physical therapy, or physiotherapy, is a branch of the medical profession which aims to assist the patient in managing pain by using science based techniques, medication and rehabilitation. Physiotherapy is not only used to treat patients who have suffered an injury but also a therapeutic massage is used to help relieve the patient from stress and pain. The field of physical therapy was first recognized in 1969 and was founded by Drs. W. H. Woodruff and J. C. Burchfield. A licensed physician, registered nurse (RN) and certified physical therapist (CPT) are required to practice physical therapy. In addition, it is required for any licensed physician (LPN) who practices physical therapy to be certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation. The CPT is required to receive at least thirty hours of supervised training before he or she can become a physical therapist. Physical therapists are also required to pass a state exam before they may practice physically. Seattle physical therapist and Physiotherapy expert can also provide a form of rehabilitation in a patient suffering from physical impairment.

The patient may have suffered a traumatic injury that may be very serious and the physical therapist will use techniques to aid in healing. For instance, physical therapy may use therapeutic movements, exercise prescriptions, therapy exercises, electrotherapy and physical rehabilitation. Physical therapy and Seattle sports medicine can also help a patient recovering from a debilitating disease. It can include physical therapy and occupational therapy. Physical Therapy has a very important role to play in the well being of patients. Physical Therapy can help patients who suffer from muscular injuries, traumatic brain injuries, diseases related to the bones and soft tissues such as osteoarthritis, Parkinson's disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and Alzheimer's disease. Physical Therapy can help patients recover from chronic illnesses and injuries through massage and exercise, and other alternative therapies. For example, physical therapy has been used to help patients with severe back pain and muscle spasms. Physical therapy is often referred to as the rehabilitation aspect of medicine.

Physical Therapy uses a variety of techniques and treatments to help patients recover from their illness or injury. It helps patients regain function and self-esteem. The main goal of physical therapy is to improve the quality of life of the patients. It helps the patients regain strength and stamina to help them live a fuller and active life. Physical therapy can also help patients return to their previous work and daily activities. A Physical Therapist helps a patient to identify and improve their weaknesses and corrects these problems. Physical therapy can be used in the treatment of: acute care, chronic care, developmental disorders, spinal cord injury, sports injuries, head injuries and musculoskeletal problems, and traumatic brain injury.

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